• We provide engineering, consultancy and supervising services for trenchless technology industry.
  • We supply machinery, equipment and staff for trenchless projects.
  • We provide training, testing and certification services for trenchless technologies.
  • We provide know-how for the organization of trenchless technology conference, exhibition, etc. events.
  • We supply ductile iron pipes and fittings.
  • We provide leak detection and water loss control services.
  • We prepare feasibility reports.
  • We prepare market survey reports.
  • We find customers for your innovative technological products.


Service Provided
Business Development ConsultancyHOBAS Engineering GmbHAustria2011
Preparation of Feasibility ReportFYFE Europe S.A.Greece2012
Business Development ConsultancyTASYAPI In┼čaat A.S.Turkey2012-2013
Preparation of Market Survey ReportSMET Tunnelling BVBelgium2013
Tender Preparation ConsultancyGEODATA Engineering S.p.AItaly2013
Supply of Water Rehabilitation PipesBUSKI General Directorate
Business Development ConsultancyRABMER Greentech GmbHAustria2014
Supply of Ductile Iron PipesContractor of OSKI General DirectorateTurkey2015
Horizontal Directional Drilling TrainingIGDAS General DirectorateTurkey2015
Business Development ConsultancyGRANDPIPE San. ve Tic. A.S.Turkey2015
Business Development ConsultancyBRANDENBURGER Liner GmbHGermany2014-2016
Business Development ConsultancyBARTHAUER Software GmbHGermany2014-2016
Supply of Ductile Iron PipesContractor of BASKI General DirectorateTurkey2016
Business Development ConsultancyUHRIG Kanaltechnik GmbHGermany2014-2017
Business Development Consultancy3M San. ve Tic. A.S.Turkey2016-2017
Supply of Ductile Iron PipesContractor of KASKI General DirectorateTurkey2017
Trenchless Technology ConsultancyDESKI General DirectorateTurkey2017
Trenchless Technology ConsultancyISKI General DirectorateTurkey2017-2018